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Doctoral Students and Graduates


The CCLA has a core of committed Doctoral Students and Graduates who are supervised by the academic staff in the centre. The CCLA Doctoral Students includes:


Dr Oyeniyi Abe

Research topic: "The rights –based approach to extractive resource governance in Nigeria through the lens of the UN guiding principles on business and  Human Rights: Lessons from South Africa"

Julieth Gudo

Research topic: The Use of Legal Provisions by Civil Society Organisations to Advance Corporate Governance in State-Owned Enterprises in South Africa"


Tebogo Lefif

Research topic: A Comparative Study of Chinese Business Law and African Investment


Sithembele Madala
Research topic: Enforcement of Judgments of Regional Courts

Innocent Malatji
Research topic: The Implementation of Bargaining in Good Faith and Recognition of Minority Trade Unions"

Bill O'Malley
Research topic: Commercial Law Reform and the Informal Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa






Inebu Agbo-Ejeh
Research topic:The ECOWAS-EU Economic Partnership Agreement: The Poverty Impact and Implications for Policy Space

Ogochukwu Monye

Research topic: “Rethinking the Legal and Institutional Architecture for Digital Financial Services in Nigeria towards Improved Financial Inclusion”





Augustine Arimoro
Research topic: The Role of Law in the Successful Completion of Public-Private Partnership Projects in Africa: Lessons from South Africa”

Ibrahim H Omar
Research topic: “Federalism as an institutional device for peace in Somalia: prospects & Challenges”






Benjamim Pequenino
Research topic: “Public Private Partnership (PPP) Contracts in Mozambique and South Africa: Managing Risks and Ensuring Sustainability”

Raisa Nyirongo

Research topic: Compliance with Regional Commitments: Providing Solutions for Africa


Tsotang Tsietsi

Research topic: "The World Trade Organisation’s Trade Facilitation Agreement: Prospects for Improving Trade in the Southern African Development Community"

Tapiwa Cheuka
Research topic: "Comparative Assessment of the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services and the Regulation of Trade in Services in Africa’s Regional Trade Agreements, towards the Attainment of Sustainable Development Goals"