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Doctoral Students


The CCLA has a core of committed Doctoral Students and Graduates who are supervised by the academic staff in the centre. The CCLA Doctoral Students includes:


Julieth Gudo

Research topic: The Use of Legal Provisions by Civil Society Organisations to Advance Corporate Governance in State-Owned Enterprises in South Africa"

Sithembele Madala
Research topic: Enforcement of Judgments of Regional Courts


Tebogo Lefifi

Research topic: A Comparative Study of Chinese Business Law and African Investment


Innocent Malatji
Research topic: The Implementation of Bargaining in Good Faith and Recognition of Minority Trade Unions"

Raisa Nyirongo

Research topic: Compliance with Regional Commitments: Providing Solutions for Africa


Bill O'Malley
Research topic: Commercial Law Reform and the Informal Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa






Inebu Agbo-Ejeh
Research topic:The ECOWAS-EU Economic Partnership Agreement: The Poverty Impact and Implications for Policy Space
ogochukwu monye

Ogochukwu Monye

Research topic: “Rethinking the Legal and Institutional Architecture for Digital Financial Services in Nigeria towards Improved Financial Inclusion”




Tapiwa Cheuka
Research topic: "

Comparative Assessment of the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services and the Regulation of Trade in Services in Africa’s Regional Trade Agreements, towards the Attainment of Sustainable Development Goals


Ibrahim H Omar
Research topic: “Federalism as an institutional device for peace in Somalia: prospects & Challenges”






Benjamim Pequenino
Research topic: “Public Private Partnership (PPP) Contracts in Mozambique and South Africa: Managing Risks and Ensuring Sustainability”

Tsotang Tsietsi

Research topic: "Trade Facilitation in the Southern African Development Community: Impediments, Costs and Prospects for Redress"

Yakubu Nagu
Research topic: "Legal and Policy Frameworks and Institutions for Implementing the AfCFTA Agreement"
Image result for Adetutu Oluwaseyi

Adetutu Oluwaseyi

Research topic: "The AfCFTA and Informal Cross-Border Trade in Africa"