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The Law Faculty has a core of committed staff and an established research base within which the centre is positioned. The CCLA staff includes:

Professor Salvatore Mancuso  
Prof. Salvatore Mancuso
Chair of the Centre for Comparative Law in Africa

Room No: 4.40, Kramer building, Middle campus UTC
Tel: +27 21 650 2770

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Associate Professor Ada Ordor
Director of the Centre for Comparative Law in Africa

Room No: 4.42, Kramer building, Middle campus, UTC
Tel: +27 21 650 5687

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Administrative Assistant

Room No: 4.41, Kramer building, Middle campus, UTC
Tel: +27 21 650 5268

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Research Associates

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Research Staff

The CCLA complement of researchers is constituted by a combination of internal and external researchers, postgraduate research assistants and visiting researchers. The scope, duration and other requirements of each research project also determine the configuration of the research team.

Visiting Scholars
The diversity of jurisdictional cultures and languages that make up Africa richly feeds into the academic visitors programme which brings eminent scholars from other African institutions for short-term visits. The visitor's expertise is made available for research supervision and collaboration, teaching and other forms of academic exchange.

Currently Visiting Scholars come under the following programmes:

Current Staff Members of the UCT Law Faculty
The CCLA draws from the professional expertise of other staff members of the UCT Faculty of Law, particularly where synergies exist with the work of the Centre.